Enironmental Project Evaluation Mission, Sudan

Environment & Disasters

Kemet’s primary involvement in project execution and management is mostly in environmental project where it possesses expertise for implementation and management of such projects. Researches conducted by the firm shows that nature of the environments in which small and mediums scale ventures operate play key role in their success. While the implementation of environmental projects serve the important traditional ecological value, they are part of Kemet’s commitment to creating a conducive atmosphere for proper socio-economic improvement: albeit making sure small scale businesses are provided with the right atmosphere to flourish in. Moreover, the executions of green projects are inherent to our core believe in harmonizing what we do and how we them  with a commitment to the environment and moral treasures.

Gomoa East district disaster risk reduction project

Title of action: Gomoa East district disaster risk reduction project (Flood and Erosion Prevention, Coastal Defense and re-vegetation Project) Place (exact geographical location): Gomoa Fetteh Township in the Gomoa East District, Central Region, Ghana, West Africa Core Objective of action The core objective of the project is to prevent frequent property damages through flooding by clearing, marking and rehabilitating rainwater ways, planting and lagoon mangroves and other trees along the Fetteh lagoon as well as educating communities to for their preservation. This in turn, will prevent the frequent erosions of village roads and houses. Donor: Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR)  Funding call: ACP-EU Natural Disaster Risk Reduction (NDRR) Program About the Program

The ACP-EU Natural Disaster Risk Reduction (NDRR) Program is a partnership between the World Bank-managed Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR), the European Union and the ACP Group of States. The Program, funded by the European Union andmanaged by the GFDRR, aims to address prevention, mitigation and preparedness to natural hazards at regional, sub-regional, national and local levels in Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries. To accomplish this objective, the Program focuses on four priority areas: (i) mainstreaming of disaster risk reduction (DRR); (ii) risk identification and assessment; (iii) early warning systems and communication on DRR; and (iv) risk transfer and integration of DRR into post-disaster recovery.